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About Us

MechanicNet Group, Inc. is an innovator of technology and provider of customer retention services specific to the automotive aftermarket. With 14 years of leadership in delivering Customer Retention Systems CRM and services to customers including General Motors and Genuine Parts Company. MechanicNet has a proven history of both providing turnkey technologies to Automotive Service Centers as well as managing corporate scale development and deployment projects. In delivering right sized solutions to each customer, we bring to bear a team deep in automotive aftermarket domain expertise, supply chain strategy knowledge, and technology development experience.

Company Background

MechanicNet was founded in 1998 to develop technologies that address the unique needs of multiple levels of the automotive industry. MechanicNet applied strategic business thinking and leading edge technology to addressing the complex needs of the automotive aftermarket. The resulting solutions provide simple, easy to learn and use tools to all levels of the value chain. MechanicNet’s unique technology approach gives MechanicNet the ability to service shop owners at a fair price while providing branded solutions that separate our clients from the competition. With the use of these market-tested tools, aftermarket service providers can compete effectively in their markets.