Facebook as a Marketing Tool – Part II


pexels-photo-267371.jpeg Now that you know what social media is all about, let’s move on to learn how we can use it to benefit your shop.

Let’s start with Facebook. We can take advantage of this free resource to help us build stronger relationships between you and your customers. Creating an effective Facebook page is easy, just follow these steps:
1. Open an account and set up your business page.

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/ and fill out the form with your name, email, etc.
  • Find friends by entering your email or Skip the Step (bottom right corner)
  • Enter profile information and upload a picture of yourself or shop (optional)
  • You will be sent to the main feed page next, where you can click “Create Page” under “Pages” in the left hand column
  • Select the local business or place option and enter your shop’s information

Putting Your Facebook Page to Work.

Now that your Facebook page is set up, it’s time to add content. The MechanicNet apps are a good start and we will be happy to help you add them to your new page.

2. Content. Many people struggle with this step. How do I create or find content that my customers will like?

Remember, copying is the highest form of flattery! Chances are that content that works for them will work for you. Of course, keep it personal, as in SOCIAL. Here are some examples of content that we think works:

  • Fun Contests – Send a picture of your favorite car
  • Local Events – Especially if you are participating or sponsoring
  • Education – Ladies Night at the shop

3. Best Practices. Check out local mechanic shops in your area to get ideas. If they have a lot of followers, check out what types of postings their customers respond to and what type of content they post in general. This can be a great start to get ideas to create your own content.

Again, you never have to write a single thing – unless you’re giving back to the community or advertising specialty training – post that. Humour is popular, but steer clear of political or religious topics; you don’t want to ostracize any customers. This should be enough information to help you get started, and if not, contact your Marketing Experts at MNG for help. As mentioned, “Like” our page – we’re constantly posting, so it will be easy to start sharing our content and get a jump start!

Click here https://www.facebook.com/MechanicNet get to MNG’s Facebook page and Like Us.

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