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What Our Customers Say...

"This product (MechanicNet Marketing) has a great 'power to weight ratio'. The power is the ability to select specific clients and choose a specific message. All prepared for me with still having control over content and delivery method. The weight is feather light. It almost runs on its own. There is no pressure to be creative when I don't want to be.

Benefit to the shop is our database gets regularly screened and examined to really use it as a tool and not just a list of names and vehicles that have passed through our doors. We get to see who is truly a regular client and seek out more people like them. It also shows we are professional and dedicated to the business of looking after our clients needs.

I like the weekly client contact email I receive. It allows us to review who we are reaching out to. It alerts me if we don't have all the contact info or incorrect email addresses. It allows me to choose postcards via mail if our emails can't reach the intended destination. Easy to understand info with four different color codes to see quickly what needs attention." - Ross M., Newmarket, ON