OBD4 Business – You Don’t Guess with Your Customers …

OBD4 Business™

You don’t guess when it comes to your customers’ cars. Don’t settle for guesswork from your marketing company.

OBD4 Business - pull the codes on marketing

What do you really need when it comes to marketing for your business? Like, really, actually need. Not what you think you need or hope you need or that some guy said you need because that happens to be what his marketing company sells … but what you truly need. Based on data. Based on facts.

  • Do you need more customers?
  • Do you need better customers?
  • Do you need them to come in more often throughout the year?
  • If so, how much more often?
  • Or is it really a matter of how much customers spend when they do come in?
  • Maybe you just want to keep things running as smoothly tomorrow as they do today.


That is what OBD4 Business is all about. It’s about knowing. We plug in and pull the codes on your business, using your data, your customers, your specific business needs. When we recommend strategies to you, they are laid out based on what you care about. Your revenue and results are tracked and monitored in real time.

Real time means you don’t wait 90 days or 6 months to find out if your marketing is making money. You know immediately. You’ll see what’s working, how well, for whom, and why. We monitor your success. You monitor us.


4 Strategies to Turn Uber and Lyft Drivers into Profit and Loyal Customers


By John Daulton

Uber and Lyft continue to grow in popularity. The price is right, and more and more people use these ride-sharing services rather than taking their own car—or even owning one. We’re not to the point where that’s a huge problem for you yet, but if the writing isn’t on the wall, there is definitely a crowd standing near the wall opening up a case of spray paint.

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